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We feel very strongly about educating the not so privileged kids, it is only when these children get good quality education, is when poverty can be eliminated from the lives of families

PACE SPEDITION supports the FEES (Fund for Educating Eligible Students) program which is managed by the Rotary Cochin West Foundation at Kochi,

FEES is a community service project which is pioneered by the Rotary Club of Cochin West and was established ten years ago by supporting fifteen eligible students identified from various schools in and around Ernakulum. With the help of the school authorities, FEES has grown to supporting fifty students and in its 10th year is increasing this number to hundred.

Aimed at helping the parents of economically backward but academically brilliant students, FEES is truly a huge support which is given away in the beginning of every academic year. The performance of these students is regularly monitored to ensure that they value the support given and are eligible for continued support till their academic education is over and they get settled with a good job.

NDTV & OXFAM India initiative – India 4 All

Covid-19 has brought misery and suffering to the migrant labors across India. Whilst the administration and government is doing their part, we as a Global Corporate Citizen have felt the need to do our part in supporting the NDTV and Oxfam India initiative to support this Nobel cause.

We are happy to have made our contribution vide Transaction ID: COVIDNDTV34065

Thank you NDTV & OXFAM for reaching out to the poor & vulnerable who need urgent support.

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